Seven Wonders


Between the eyes

reading and the book

a spider dropped

prompting contemplation

on magnitudes

of grace.


Seasonal sojourners

passing a pilgrimage,

warblers perched high

in ancient oaks, beset

the house with song.


By the sackload

he dragged winter

refuse out to dump;

doves cooing

gave him cause

to pause and mind

the morning.


What perfection

in dead leaves

pushed up against

broken boulders, comprising

for a little

brown salamander

a whole world!


The hawk soaring above

the green mountain called

him to fly — not

consider what awaited

the mouse scratching

at acorns below.


All innocence, the snake

basked on the sun-

baked rock; hiking

off workaday lethargy

he froze in startled terror

when his footfall

made it move.


Ducks coming in

at speed to occupy

a cove, filling it

with polychrome bustle,

charming choreography

and noise: yet the place

of honor remained

reserved for the elegant

formality, ponderous


of the geese.


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