Take Nothing for Granted




Nothing’s precisely and exactly what is granted.

Behind, before, beyond Everything is Nothing.

Get with this.

Nothing’s granted.


So, first we have Nothing.

Then, Everything happens.

Everything’s Happening.

Happening’s It, get it?

It’s not there.

Nothing’s what’s there.

See It happen.



And then Happening.

Happening’s where it’s at.

It’s Everything.

Get it?

Nothing’s granted.

Happening’s Everything.

Everything’s Happening.

That’s It.


Now watch It.

It’s Everything Happening.

Time’s Happening.

Mind’s Happening.

Coming together and falling apart are Happening.


Take it step by step,

From Then until Now until Then,

From There to Here to There,

It’s What’s happening.

Take It in.

It’s what’s happening.

It’s Everything.

Nothing’s granted.

Take that.


Now, picture It.

Nothing shrinks,

Nothing rocks and rolls.

Nothing waves hello and goodbye.

There’s a whole lot of Nothing going on.

Nothing’s going on.

And on, and on, and on.


Until there’s so much Nothing going on,

Something starts going on

While Nothing keeps going on

Something’s rocking and rolling,

Something’s waving hello and goodbye,

Something’s shaking and baking,

Something gets hot to trot.


And then It happens.

There’s a whole lot of It going on,

It’s rocking and rolling, hot to trot,

waving hello and goodbye, shaking and baking,

All while Nothing’s going on.

Something’s rumbling and tumbling, slipping and sliding,

doing the bump and the grind,

Something’s on the move, this way and that way,

All helter-skelter, jigging around, tripping the light fandango.


Until It’s hard,

Hard, to hide Something’s going on while Nothing’s going on.

Always, by all means,

Something’s going on, while Nothing’s going on,

slipping and sliding, waving hello and goodbye,

even when It’s hard to hide.

So, It goes, rocking and rolling.


Something gets picky and sticky.

Something says Yes.

Something says No.

No Matter.

Does too.

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