Tumbling Seawards

1992-01 img248

Tumbling seawards, the waters roll on,

reveling in the joy of dancing above the rocks,

their ancient rivals in persistence.

Together they play, keeping time. as eons keep watch.

Earth erupts and flows. Waters boil, vent and yield.

Rock holds then the ground, cold and hard and firm,

and bathes in the cool streams, oblivious

to the waters’ patient renewal of their claim.

Seas ebb and flow, following the bidding winds and moon.

Stones, sleeping hard, join the daily grind,

the daily grinding, each day smoother and smaller,

more gracious partners to the waters’ dance.

Tumbling seawards, the waters revel in the joy

of their own flowing, little troubled by the stones

that would give them pause. For they know,

when all is said and done, piece by piece,

the stones will tumble with them

and lay down in dust before the oceans’ tides.