cG7OVVN1RJGv0uk5oKnX3g_thumb_12acdTim Cole has been writing poetry and taking pictures since his teens. Well along life’s road now, he thinks it’s time to share the fruits of his efforts. Welcome. Enjoy what you find here.

First, about the pictures: Along the way, from early on he’s had opportunities to travel and to spend time in a variety of locations, far and near. You’ll find pictures here from his sojourns in Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom. You’ll also see works created during the thirty years he spent in Hartford, Connecticut and more recent images taken since he moved to Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills, where he delights in the wonderfully ragged and ancient rocky terrain, the forests and the fields, and the endlessly changing skies and flowing rivers.  Visits to urban centers, New England back county, national parks and coastal shores have also yielded their shares of pictures in turn. In the winter of 2016, Tim was invited to show his work in the Loft Gallery at the Smithy in New Preston, Connecticut. The work included in the show can be seen here.

At their best, Tim likes to think of his photographs as visual poems and of his poems as verbal photographs. His poetic work draws from a variety of sources, ranging from the twists and turns of his own life journey to the evolution of the cosmos. Lifelong, Tim has been a keen observer of the world around him, watching how it unfolds naturally, socially and historically.  Deeply indebted to the work of the German poet Friedrich Hölderlin, the subject of the doctoral dissertation in Comparative Literature he wrote at a pivotal point in his life, Tim sees in poetry a vehicle for dealing with the deep questions of human existence, exploiting language’s ability to take our sensibilities to places conventional prose cannot. Often, Tim is strives to make images dance to the rhythm of a formal music, while following the lead of a strand of intellectual thought.

Indebted as much to poets writing in German, Danish, French and Spanish as to those from our own Anglo-American traditions, Tim occasionally tries his hand at translation when the spirit moves him. Lately, the haiku form has taken possession of him and it gives him pleasure to share samples with all comers. Samples can be found on dedicated pages of the website.

Finally, Tim keeps a blog called Salamander’s World, for commentary or reminiscences on whatever strikes his fancy, floats his boat or pushes his buttons.

Unless otherwise indicated, texts and photographs on this site are ©Tim Cole

Get first the picture.
The music and the dancing
are already there.

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