Tumbling Seawards

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Tumbling seawards, the waters roll on,

reveling in the joy of dancing above the rocks,

their ancient rivals in persistence.

Together they play, keeping time. as eons keep watch.

Earth erupts and flows. Waters boil, vent and yield.

Rock holds then the ground, cold and hard and firm,

and bathes in the cool streams, oblivious

to the waters’ patient renewal of their claim.

Seas ebb and flow, following the bidding winds and moon.

Stones, sleeping hard, join the daily grind,

the daily grinding, each day smoother and smaller,

more gracious partners to the waters’ dance.

Tumbling seawards, the waters revel in the joy

of their own flowing, little troubled by the stones

that would give them pause. For they know,

when all is said and done, piece by piece,

the stones will tumble with them

and lay down in dust before the oceans’ tides.


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Forgiveness. Hope. Trust. Yes, there are shadows. Fear. Despair. Worry. Anger. Doubt. Yet wisdom counsels. Keep going. Open to peace, to joy, to contentment, satisfaction and love. Injuries happen. Assaults happen. Consequences linger. Resilience and persistence carry you on. Healing happens. Willing, you do your part. Keep on keeping on. Sing. Dance. Chant. Sit. Pray. Connect. Remember. At once One. You are not alone. Honor feelings. Own them. They are your business. Love and let love. You are not alone. You never were. You never will be. Respect yourself. Respect others. Respect the world. Respect life. Receive it as a gift. Go back to the beginning. You were before you were. You Be, more than you know. Trust Me, I knows more than I knows. I is not all. There is more to Me than I. I matters. I matters less than I thinks. Watch. Listen. Sense. Attend. Feel. Follow. Return. Return again. And again. On the road, again. And again. It is the way, the Way, the way it is. Moment by moment. Step by step. Slip by slip. Fall by fall. Rise by rise. Pause. Breathe. Rest. Recover. This is the Way, the way it is done, here. There, then, fly away off where whence you came. Return. Home again. For a while, at least. In your dreams. Here. Now. Be. As you have been since Day One. Wave. Roll. Beat. Cry. Watch carefully. Day by day play by day, by day play. Sing out your song. Lose yourself in sunny skies and starry nights. Find yourself in storms and whirlwinds. Give thanks for gravity. Then jump up and soar. Ride the winds and the waves, inside and out. You learn. You find. You forget. You remember. Then the beat captures you. Still you go. Moment by moment. Step by step. Slip by slip. Fall by fall. Rise by rise. Ah, the wonder, the glory of it! All of it, always you knew, you forget you know you know you forget you knew you know. It’s a joke. The best one ever told. Your turn. You tell it as no one ever told it before. What a joke. What a joke! Laugh! Roar with it! It’s as good as it gets. When you let go. When you are overtaken, possessed, held, embraced, lost in the ecstasy, the beat, the throb, the pulse, the wonder of it all. This is the gift. The ridiculous, random miracle. Heart knows. Gut knows. Soul knows. Every cell and sinew knows. You know.

Ça suffit.

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Curiouser and curiouser,

no end in sight,

another corner to peek around,

another floor to look beneath,

another sky to soar above.

Probe shadows, clouds and dark nights,

burrows, gardens, hornets’ nests,

lions’ dens and holds of abandoned ships.

Never enough, an addiction,

but much more fun.

You never get where

you think you are going.

Payday never comes.

More, always more.

All good. Look out, take in, dig it,

no done, complete. Ça suffit.